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Year: 31st December 2018

Automating Ecommerce Marketing

Automating Your Ecommerce Marketing to Improve Efficiency

Automating Ecommerce Marketing in 2019 In business they say that “time is money”. This mantra seems to hold truth as almost every part of our

Power Words To Increase Online Conversions

Simple Power Words for Digital Marketing

What Are Power Words and How Can You Use Them to Increase Conversions When you think about viral content, you imagine posts that manage to

Christmas Holiday Digital Marketing Tips

Effective Holiday Digital Marketing Ideas for Online Stores

Christmas Holiday Digital Marketing for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year The Christmas period is known as a stimulus package for the economy. It’s

How to Grow Your Email Lists from the Ground Up

How to Grow Your Email Lists from the Ground Up in 2019 Good Old Email Lists The art of the sale is a skill that

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey - Rooah.com

3 Thanksgiving Turkey Tips For a Juicy Website

Thanksgiving Turkey tips for your growing Website! Before everyone goes their separate ways this Thanksgiving to give thanks and enjoy that great turkey dinner, here

Amazon Hq2

Amazon’s HQ2 Winners and Losers

When I learned about Amazon (AMZN) wanting to open new headquarters I knew that we were going to be in for a long and embarrassing