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3 Thanksgiving Turkey Tips For a Juicy Website

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey - Rooah.com

Thanksgiving Turkey tips for your growing Website!

Before everyone goes their separate ways this Thanksgiving to give thanks and enjoy that great turkey dinner, here are a few reminders for you to consider in making your company’s online presence stand out like your delicious Thanksgiving Turkey!

Tip #1: The Marinade

Just as the marinade contains ingredients that are essential in giving a mouthwatering and pleasant aroma and taste to the Thanksgiving turkey, so is the content you provide within your website. The content you use on your website can be developed in-house or can be done by a hired team of professionals. Whatever you choose to do, you will want to make sure that you are providing your users with ingredients that are valuable, actionable, credible and easy to read/understand. These attributes will give your users a pleasant experience whenever they visit your website.

Tip #2: Bake Not Broil

Once the turkey marinade is done, the next step is to bake it (not broil) in the oven at a high temperature to cook evenly. All the ingredients mentioned in the marinade have a specific purpose to the palate and the aroma and is similar to the attributes of the web content. However, you cannot enjoy a raw or partially cooked turkey at the dinner table just as you can’t go far with a partially managed website that no one knows about. You will want to ensure you “Bake it up” in the oven with strong SEO that makes your content actionable and your website visible to all.

Tip #3: Serve it Up!

A well-done turkey, hot out of the oven is ready to be displayed and served to the eagerly waiting friends and family members at the dinner table. Not only will it be served hot but it will also be enjoyed because of the foundation of a good marinade and well-done baking conditions. In the same manner, having established your website with a solid basis of good content and SEO, you can serve your clients or customers with your product or service when they gather round your website to enjoy what you have to offer.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Photo Gallery. Please feel free to share or use any of the images in your digital marketing campaign. Crediting isn’t necessary, but is appreciated and allows photographers to gain exposure. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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