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How to Grow Your Email Lists from the Ground Up

How to Grow Your Email Lists from the Ground Up in 2019

Good Old Email Lists

The art of the sale is a skill that will never be mastered, but always modified and improved upon. But is there a way to make your life easier when it comes to sales…? Email lists are still one of the most powerful tools you can use as a sales force multiplier. Research provides that 91% of respondents really want to get emails from companies which seems counter intuitive with the plethora of spam filters out there. Another study tells us that email has shown a 3,800% ROI.

So, it’s clear that having a robust email list, and making use of it, is one of the most effective ways to grow your ecommerce business. But how and where do you start if you want to build up a powerful email list of your own. Here are some of the strategies you can use to get started right away.

Use A Slick Pop-Up to Capture Emails Automatically

You’ve got to be careful with pop-ups. They are like candy. With the right flavor and wrapping they can be irresistible. But if overdone, they can give you a stomach ache and make you not want to see or smell another piece for days. Try to ensure that your pop-ups offer something worthwhile. Discount offers usually do the trick here.  Make sure that your pop-ups don’t show up immediately upon loading a page because this can have the opposite effect of turning your visitors off. Try different techniques like using an exit-intent pop-up or displaying your pop-up on a timer. Finally, make your pop-ups are aesthetically pleasing to the eye rather than looking like spam or malware. This helps to build trust and credibility with your viewers.

Allow Guest Checkout

It is important to give customers the option to sign up for an account post-purchase, even if you allow guest checkout. If you just let customers check out as guests without getting them to commit, it’s very likely that you will be unable to send them follow up marketing emails and you’ll lose them as repeat customers. Maximize your opportunity for repeat customers with post-purchase account creation options. Some useful apps/plugins to accomplish this are BigCommerce (built in feature), Magento (guest checkout to registered customers), Shopify (automatic account invites) and WooCommerce (customers manager).

Offer Content Upgrades

A content upgrade is simply an upgrade to your site’s content. It’s similar to the upgrades you can download on the modern videogame consoles to get more features and functionality in the games. It could be anything from whitepapers to how-to guides, PDF downloads or any other creative thing you can think of. The catch is that readers must submit their email to access these offers. To do this you must be using content marketing with a blog to organically grow your social and paid traffic.

Offer Store Credit Through Contests

Giving store credit through online contests is an awesome way to entice new users to sign up, and it’s even a cheaper option than offering direct discounts to products.

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