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5 Remote Work Myths to Ignore

5 Remote Work Myths to Ignore

The rise of the pandemic has caused a sharp increase in remote working for most businesses. What are the remote work myths that you shouldn’t believe? We’ll talk about it all in this article. While most people believe that remote workers are antisocial and produce less efficient jobs, research has shown that now to be true. Remote working allows companies to save money as well as hire employees globally without location limitations.

Remote Work Myths

Remote workers are lazy

When you work from home, co-workers and superiors are not able to access you in real-time. This has led to the belief that remote employees do less. Various researches have proven this to be untrue. In fact, remote workers often work longer hours since they are not bound by work hours. They do have the benefit of making their work time flexible.

Remote workers juggle work and life better

Most people believe that remote jobs provide workers with more opportunities to handle life activities better. However, for remote workers to be successful, they have to be able to avoid interruptions when they are working. This means that you can allow the kids and other side activities to distract you if you want to produce quality output.

Managers can’t work remotely

This is among the remote work myths that have led employees to believe that they can’t employ employees who can’t be monitored in the office. There are even more skeptical about hiring remote managers. There are several apps and tools that make it easier for managers to communicate and monitor team members. Various successful high profile organizations have been able to maximize output through remote management and Rooah is one of them.

There is a lot of spare time

One belief most people have when taking a remote job is that they will have a lot of time on their hands for other activities. The truth is that your job has a better chance of bleeding in every other area of your life when you work remotely. This is often caused by a will to prove to your superiors that you are productive and in the end, you may end up overdoing it.


When it comes to remote working, balance is key. Knowledge of these remote work myths will make you better prepared as an employer and as a worker.

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