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5 Tips For GMB Optimization

Tips For GMB Optimization

Google My Business (GMB) is a great tool that can be used by business owners to manage and improve their presence online. When optimized properly, GMB can have great benefits for business owners who want local exposure. When users make use of Google’s search engine, GMB indicates a list of businesses that are close by. This article is going to contain tips for GMB optimization for small business owners.


Complete every section

The first step to increasing your Google My Business ranking is by completing your profile. Ensure that you fill in details such as Name, Address, Phone number, Working hours amongst others. Completing filling in your profile details also gives customers the chance to take more actions when they find your profile.


Add photos

Another way to improve GMB optimization is by adding pictures to your profile. Photos ensure that your profile maintains a certain quality by looking at its best. It also shows that your business is active to prevent Google from dropping your rank. With images, your profile can also turn up in images results and increase engagements. Photos can be uploaded to your GMB profile by adding them, through the business account dashboard.


Get reviews

Reviews have a big impact on deciding whether a business deals with a customer or not. Therefore, it is a key factor in Google ranking. A business with 4 stars is likely going to be rated more than one with no ranking at all. Encourage customers to leave reviews after making purchases from your website.


Add posts to your GMB profile

Adding photos to your profile and great benefits for GMB optimization. You can add announcements, offers, and new products to your profile. These posts show up as updates and can be easily seen by visitors. Adding posts increase ranking on Google and give room for customers to take more action.


Add a category

Choosing a category for your GMB is a great way to optimize it. Your business stands a better chance of being found in discovery searches if it has been categorized. By choosing a category, your business becomes more open to certain features that make your GMB more attractive.


Your GMB optimization should focus on providing detailed information about your business. If you can successfully optimize your profile, your business stands a better chance of being found online.

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