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How to Use Video For Content Marketing

How to Use Video For Content Marketing

The use of video for content marketing is one of the best strategies for small businesses. Marketing has evolved from physical meetings and multiple sales messages to conversations with prospective clients. Modern marketing strategies are based on communicating with clients and educating them. This is best achieved through published content on various platforms. This article is going to discuss the use of video for content marketing.

What is video content marketing?

Video content marketing involves the use of engaging video content to increase the audience’s interest in your product. Statistics have shown that users will spend 88% more time on your website if it contains a video.

Brand Storytelling

Video content offers the perfect opportunity for brand storytelling. Videos can be used to dictate brand origin and the mission of the brand. Most top websites have a video on their homepage that tells you all you need to know about the brand.


Another way to use video for content marketing is through advertising. Video can be used to create content on various social media platforms including LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. From these social media platforms, businesses drive traffic to their website where prospective clients can connect.

Educational video content

Educational content is a key part of content marketing and it is very effective when it is in the form of videos. Whether it is in the form of a guide or personal opinion on a subject, educational content can be used to put your brand out there. The videos can be added to blogs, live streams, and other resource centers.

Video for email marketing

Video marketing is great, and so is email marketing. What happens when you integrate video content marketing with email marketing? You get something better. A Brainshark research has proven that your audience is 20% more likely to ope and email when it includes a video.


In conclusion, video content is an integral part of content marketing and that is not about to stop. With these tips, you can include video content in your marketing strategy to drive sales.


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