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Top 5 SEM Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Search engine marketing (SEM) involves paying search engines to advertise your business. The tailored ads target a specific audience searching for a set of keywords or phrases. Although SEM is a very effective marketing tool, it doesn’t work out well for many brands. 

There might be tricks to it, but running a successful SEM campaign is not magic. It is about putting the right sticks in place. Most brands make costly mistakes while setting up SEM, which leads to inadequate sales generation. Here are common mistakes you must avoid while trying our SEM.

Using the wrong keywords

The success of your campaign hinges on the right use of keywords. While using obvious keywords looks like a good idea, those keywords are very competitive. You might just be wasting money if you don’t steer clear of broad keywords and keywords duplicates. As much as possible, target more specific keywords or phrases related to your business.  

Not tracking your performance.

Properly tracking your performance lets you know how well you are performing and what you can do better. You can review your marketing strategy from your key performance indicators. Linking an AdWords account to your Google Analytics gives you access to more insights. If you don’t track your performance, you will spend more than necessary without getting the right results.

Poorly structured campaigns

One trick to successful SEM campaigns is organizing your keywords and phrases into campaign groups. Varying your parameters for each campaign groups will improve your results. If you set out without sorting this way, you could end up spending money without commiserate results. Create a budget with provision for each search campaign group targeting different geographical locations. Also, set out something for seasonal ads where relevant.

Poorly designed landing pages

No one likes a poorly designed landing page, including your visitors. Many times, you get the click, but you do not eventually make the sale. One reason you might have poor conversion rates is that users cannot find what they are looking for at first glance. Ensure your land pages are apt and neat, so your visitors easily navigate through.

Your page is not mobile-friendly

A good number of your potential clients will be using their mobile phones to access your website. Non-mobile-friendly landing pages are a turn off for most users thanks to the stress and unattractiveness. This is why you need a good web development firm to design your landing pages.

Search engine marketing is no walk in the park. It is a hike through tricky terrains. It is very easy to trip and fall without the right help. There are many more mistakes out there you can afford by outsourcing your SEM to a professional company. That way, it is no longer your problem.

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