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3 Productive Strategies For Mobile Marketing And Advertising

Mobile Marketing

3 Productive Strategies For Mobile Marketing

What is mobile marketing, exactly? When you make use of smartphones and tablets to do marketing it’s called mobile marketing. Mobile marketing tactics make use of characteristics like push notifications and location awareness on mobile devices.

According to the data analysis, mobile device users make up a significant portion of online activity. More than 5 billion people use mobile phones worldwide, and mobile traffic accounts for more than half of all web traffic. Read More About Mobile Marketing 

Mobile Marketing

Strategies For Mobile Marketing And Advertising

There are several things you must put into consideration while developing your mobile marketing strategy. Some of the strategies include;

  • Text Message marketing,
  • Social media marketing,
  • In-app marketing

These are some of the most essential mobile marketing tactics you can easily apply using your mobile device. The following is an explanation of how these mobile marketing methods function.

  1. Text Message Marketing

Marketing via text messages is known as text message marketing or text marketing  This is a permission-based mobile marketing technique in which you deliver promotions, bargains, coupons, and alerts, directly to the phones of potential customers.

Text messages have excellent deliverability and engagement rates, which is one of the reasons text message marketing is such a successful mobile advertising technique.

According to the analysis, approximately 98 percent of text messages are opened and read. Text Message Marketing has a response rate of 45 percent.

This is most likely because most individuals carry their phones with them and receive push notifications for incoming text messages, making them difficult to ignore. Because text messages are so short, many marketers include a link or a code that prompts receivers to receive additional information.
Mobile Marketing

  1. Use of Social Media

Many people use their smartphones to browse social media. According to Pew Internet, Facebook and WhatsApp are enormously popular around the world, with 62 percent and 47 percent of people using them, respectively. Because all of the major social media sites have billions of subscribers, using social media as one of your primary mobile advertising techniques is ideal and makes sense.

Social media makes it quite simple to establish a personal connection with your customers through comments and messages. Customer references and recommendations can also help your business grow and stand out.

Though some businesses prefer to focus on organic social media posts, social media advertising is becoming increasingly popular as a way to ensure that you target the correct clients. Mediums you can use to target your specific audience on social media are:

  • Facebook ads, also known as boosted (promoted) posts, are a type of marketing on Facebook.
  • Twitter promoted tweets
  • Pinterest pins that can be shopped
  • Promoted Ads on LinkedIn or boosted posts.

This mobile advertising technique typically allows you to construct an audience based on demographic data and set campaign goals, budgets, and durations that are best suited for your target audience.

Mobile Marketing

3. Marketing within the app

The app market is too important for smart marketers to ignore. According to Visual Capitalist, the top five mobile apps are WhatsApp, TikTok, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. However, because there are so many other apps, in-app marketing has become a popular mobile advertising approach. The following are examples of in-app marketing:

  • Display Marketing

Marketing ads that appear at the top or bottom of a mobile screen are known as display marketing.

  • Native marketing 

This refers to ads that are designed to look like they belong in the app they’re in.

  • Marketing in video

Marketing that shows in between app operations is known as interstitial marketing ads.

Take Away

Mobile marketing is one of the best marketing methods and is an easy way to gain customers’ trust because it is a personalized method of marketing. It makes the customer or prospects feel close to you or your business.

The mobile advertising strategies outlined above will assist you in providing what your customers or prospects anticipate.

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