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Effective Use Of Workflow Automation In Small Businesses (3 minutes)

Workflow Automation

Effective Use Of Workflow Automation In Small Businesses (3 minutes)

Small business workflow automation not only saves money but also makes it easier to collaborate with remote workers and teams. Having automated processes in place makes things easier and will prevent employee dissatisfaction and decreased productivity.

Workflow Automation Tasks for Small Business’s productivity and profits

What are the tasks that should be automated? Concentrate on repetitive tasks (those that get stuck in processing) that are performed on a regular basis and necessitate collaboration, approvals, and routing to different people and departments.

Workflow Automation

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  1. Employee Orientation

Always simplify things for both you and your new employees, onboarding is notoriously time-consuming. Nonetheless, it is critical because attracting and retaining world-class talent is critical to your future growth and success.

Employee onboarding can be made much slower and more frustrating by back-and-forth interaction, slow authorizations, re-routing files, fixing errors, and trying to dig through paper stacks and emails.

Workflow automation eliminates time-consuming tasks and paper trails, allowing everything to move along smoothly and quickly, with the majority of it taking place without the need for face-to-face communication.

  1. Reimbursement for Travel, Mileage, and Expenses

When employees request a refund for travel, mileage, or expenses, the process isn’t without its hiccups.

The form is automatically routed to the manager after the employee fills out an easy-to-use electronic form and digitally uploads receipts. When the manager approves and electronically signs the application the form is automatically routed to finance. The employee (and anyone else involved in the process) can also check the current status of the project online at any time, eliminating the need for them to constantly interrupt personnel.

  1. Procurement Administration

Procurement management runs smoothly with automated authorization and hands-off processing. Reduce paper use by automatically routing forms to the appropriate teams for approval and easily sending orders to vendors. Every stakeholder can also keep up to date on the standing of the process without having to rely on other personnel.

Because the procurement process consumes so many resources (even for small businesses), automation is critical for streamlining this workflow. Including everything from procurement management and purchase requisitions to purchase orders and electronic documents can be automated.

Workflow Automation

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  1. Requests for Leave and Vacation

Vacation requests can quickly turn into a stressful activity for both the requester and the authorization manager.

  1. Billing Management

Invoices, whether they include clients or vendors, are a necessary measure for most businesses. Workflow automation not only minimizes form errors, but it also helps streamline the workflow with layouts, quick approvals and pay-outs, reminder notifications, and little teamwork between employees and departments.

  1. Scheduling and Appointments

Schedule meetings and give stakeholders the option of accepting or declining the appointment. Workflow automation enables simple scheduling with full visibility, without the need for emails or phone calls.

  1. Payroll

You can optimize the payroll process and save time with employees on boarding and tax filing by automating payroll.

  1. Employee Education

Employee training is essential for keeping them up to date on your operations. Parts of this workflow can be automated to keep your paperwork in one place and arranged, as well as to track your employees’ progress.

  1. Order Fulfilment / Sales Order Processing

Reduce manual data entry and superfluous errors by automating redundant tasks. Increase your processing time by automating sales orders and reducing employee intervention with a faster fulfillment cycle. As a result, customers are happier as a result of lower business costs.

  1. Forms for Emergency Contacts

Digitize employee contact forms, as well as any other form. This reduces form errors, and processing time (no more difficult-to-read handwriting), and takes advantage of time-saving features like signature and automatic routing.

Workflow Automation

How to Automate Your Small Business

  • Select a Pre-Configured Form Template
  • Make Changes to Your Form Template
  • Create Business Rules
  • Design Your Workflow
  • Create Workflow Final Actions

Create templates and workflows to see how simple it is to automate and save time. We are here to assist you if you require it. What We Do.


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