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Creating A Strong Call To Action For Social Media Small Business (3 minutes )

Call To Action

Creating A Strong Call To Action For Social Media Small Business (3 minutes )

Some small businesses on social media have challenges generating leads for their products and services. That is because many of them fail to explore the potential of making use of an effective call to action for their social media marketing activities.


Call To Action

Marketing on social media is not different from other types of marketing because the need to attract prospective clients is still the same. This need is carefully handled by the content team of the small business to project their services and get the attention of their target audience.

The difference between social media marketing and other types of marketing is that it is much easier to execute. It is cheaper too and the target audience is limitless. By using the right tools social media marketing can be very effective for creating awareness of a business product or service. It can also help the business to generate leads. 

The goal of every marketing activity is to increase business sales. In the long or short run, businesses will turn social media to find clients and users. Little wonder, many small businesses are now on social media to benefit from its vast potential to grow their business.

Call To Action

But only a few small businesses are benefiting from social media marketing because they know how to use certain tools to make their marketing more effective.  

Need For A Call To Action In Social Media Marketing 

One of the many goals of any social media marketing include creating awareness for product and service and also to boost sales for the business. To achieve this, businesses have to do a concise social media content plan, create catchy contents and publishing them strategically. 

Even when the organic followers of the page are not much, social media marketing can be targeted to reach more people through social media promotion. However, the goals of social media marketing may not be achieved if there is no strong call to action.

Numerous contents compete for the attention of your target audience, so designing catchy social media marketing content is nolonger enough. Even when the content that you shared on your business social media page is good, at best it can help you stand out.

Your target audience may be able to read through the content and understand what services you offer. Yet, if the content is not strong and captivating , they will move on to other posts on social media leaving your primary goal of generating leads poorly achieved.

Call To Action

Creating A Strong Call To Action

A strong call to action simply tells your audience what to do after seeing your post on social media. It saves them the stress of trying to check your business profile on the page and promptly takes them to where they may take an action that may benefit your business. 

There are many other conventional ways of doing it but what makes a call to action strong is its ability to evoke emotions and tap into the enthusiasm that the post has created.

Some samples like, Subscribe, Start now, Order, Contact, Read More, and Watch are common call to actions that can boost your social media marketing. Clicking on your call to action button will lead your client to where they can purchase your product or subscribe to your services.

They will also be able to view your website and discover other services that you offer.

Ensure that your call to action button rightly directs your clients to the right page. 

Call To Action


Social media calls to action are an essential component of any social media marketing strategy. They nudge prospects, customers, and the general public to take action that can be tracked and observed.

When a call to action is in line with your business goals, it can assist you in obtaining proven and measurable results that support your key marketing objectives on your social media platforms.


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