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Captivating Content Development

Content: Text, Images & Media

The Rooah Content Development team give pages clear and succinct names; plan the architecture around the content and don’t write content to fit the architecture. We create auxiliary way-finding pages that lie beyond the main navigation. Then structure various landing pages according to specific user website traffic needs. We intentionally omit anything that can’t be explained as useful to someone.

With the SEO content, we constantly think of the typical and targeted users called personas and imagine them navigating the website and what they would be looking for. We use a content hierarchy as a guide to ensure functionality and usability are considered equally. The team maps developed content to your company goals, as well as map content to the goals of your site user or customer.

Content Development

JumpStart Your Business Online!

Each website project starts with free consultation + SEO Analysis + Domain registration.

All our websites are designed responsive and usable on all digital devices from mobile smartphones to Smart TVs. Your website will automatically adjust to the device’s layout according to how wide or narrow the display of the user device. Our Content Development team has a single purpose, develop focused SEO landing pages. Which is basically every page! Each page highlights a single objective, product, or service.

Landing pages are often associated with specific marketing campaigns, where media and traffic driving tactics push users to a common page, focused around that campaign. This helps ensure you are creating an individualized user experience, and also keeps this experience focused on a specific objective you desire to accomplish instead of generalizing and distracting users to other pages. These pages are goal oriented, focused and targeted allowing for conversion and monetization.