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Project Brief Questionnaire

Project Brief Questionnaire – Website Development

This Project Brief Questionnaire allows us to quickly collect basic information about the project. After completing the form, the Project Manager will assign the job jacket to project team to begin development tasks.

Enter the name of company
Enter the name of company website domain address (eg. www.rooah.com)
Please select project plan type.
What phone number(s) should be added as contacts for the client?
What fax number(s) should be added for the business?
What email address should used to contact the business online?
Where is your business located?
What industry does the business operate under?
Tell us about your client's business... what do they do and what are they looking for in their website?
List products and/or services offered
List products and/or services you do not offer
Which local areas do you provide services? e.g. Dover, Delaware; Camden, NJ; Queens, NY etc.
Provide business hours of operation.
What year did client open their business? Month & year.
Goals like, get user sign-ups, and register for a service on the platform. What problems are they currently facing?
If Yes, please provide website link.
Provide the URL for your theme sample, if any!
Select all that apply.
Provide the URL for each of client's social media account links here. Enter N/A if you don't have any created yet
• Store with Subscription • Photo Gallery • Music and Video Streaming • Forms
Provide a few competitor website links
i.e. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Check, Cash
Whatever that will help with the project... enter here.