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The Road to Online Business Success

Keeping it simple makes it possible for you to get online and doing business quickly. Our goal is to help small businesses benefit from the internet. We do this by keeping our prices low and Service Management at a high level.

Road to Online Success

The truth is that most unmanaged websites die within a few of months, with the average life expectancy being about 100 days. Currently there are over 1 billion websites around the world. And funny enough, most of these sites exist without being seen. Research shows that the average web surfer only visits 96 separate domains each month.

To get a better picture of how people are browsing the internet today, a good metric to analyze is the search. In 1999, Google was fielding 3 million search queries per day, and by 2012, Google was serving more than 3.5 billion searches per day—equivalent to 40,000 searches every second (visualize them here).

Now that you have some perspective on the realities of the vastness and variety of content on the Internet, it becomes very clear that getting your website in front of the eyes of the Internet users is no easy task.

We have you fully covered!

Here are the 3 things you must have to succeed online– a well developed Website, SEO and Digital Marketing:

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Initial SEO in website foundation is key. We provide this with every website we create from Personal blog to online E-commerce store or website.
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Website without Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? You might as well not have a website! Search Engines use your SEO to place/rank your site. We monitor & optimize meaningful keywords on your site so they send traffic your way!
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Competitive edge in today’s is complex. We guide you on proper Search & Marketing to gain free organic traffic.

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  Each plan comes with free SEO Analysis + consultation + domain registration.

How Our Development Process Goes

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Complete Request Form

We can create any type of website you want: a personal blog or website, a photoblog, online store or shop, a website, a professional portfolio, a government website, a magazine or news website, an online community, even a network of websites.

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Select a Plan

We suggest a website plan for your business. Each Rooah! plan has its own benefits. It all depends on what you website goal request is: eCommerce, social networking, increased visibility or page speed. Our website analyst are available to assist you in picking the very best website plan for your business.

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Rooah! Build Team

Our team of skilled engineers get to work building your website. Communicate with your assigned project manager, review or request changes, simply thru our hassle free Support Portal. The app is used to both manage your account and to have the Rooah! team make any changes at any time. No need for any hectic ``DIY`` Do-It-Youself hair ripping task.

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The Launch!

We officially launch the website. This happens after we review the site with you. You will have the oppurtunity to make changes before we move to set a launch date. If requested we will setup your accounts and first Google Adwords campaign to tell the world about your website! Epic right?! Start reaping the benefits of the internet, call today and get your responsive SEO website on any screen or device; mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Website Support & Piece of Mind

Have you checked your website for toxic links, malware & viruses, updated your content and adjusted for search optimization? Do you want to? If your answer was ‘NO’ to any of these questions then you need the Rooah! service. It comes with any Rooah hosting Plan.

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Get Connected... Boost Traffic

Marketing will be your biggest expense. The task of getting a desired competitive edge in today's is complex. It takes dedication, research and a lot of repetitive tasks. Not to fear, we help get you started. Our Digital Marketing Introductory Service will get your ready for online success. We help setup accounts and advertising campaigns on search & platforms. We also guide you on proper Social Media Marketing for free organic traffic.