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The Rooah! Support Service Delivery Managers deliver an outsourcing or other long term annuity based contract to a client. Our responsibility is one of general management of the customers account. The focus is on client relationship management, delivering on commitments to clients and achieving financial objectives of profitable online revenue or traffic growth.

Rooah! offers a complete end-to-end digital support service solution. Our Service Delivery Managers manage your complete online environment. Including making website updates, host weekly scheduled conference calls to discuss environment operations status, provide monthly reports, manage required server environment maintenance, manage SEO, Social Media presence and digital marketing efforts.

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Work gets done around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide monthly analytics reports, marketing recommendations and more at an affordable monthly rate.

Support Designers keep your site looking fresh year round, Support Engineers make sure your environment is always up, secure, and running smoothly. While our Service Delivery Managers are available to answer your questions and quickly process your requests.