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Custom Platform Development

Whenever our customers need something extra “SPECIAL” built we get excited! It gives us the chance to display our commitment to excellence, experience and creativity.

Unique Customer Requirements

Web development service is usually requested for projects that require customized programming. Outside the scope of general click, read, view web platforms.

Limitless Project Potentials

We support projects such as Mobile App development, high-end dynamic websites that are multi-vendor & product-oriented, or online community platforms like social media networks.

End-to-End Project Management

We manage the project from beginning to end. So, whether you’re looking to build something industry disruptive or launching the next UBER like service, or the ‘NEW’ Social Media Network we will custom design and build it. You name it and we’ll develop it within weeks of design approvals.


Scalability & Adjustments

Whether your project is still at the conceptual stage or requires a full makeover, we will first sit down with you to understand your goals and then walk you through the options available at no cost. During project development things change, and we understand that. So we work with you on what needs adjustments, changes or whatever is needed to get the job done. Once the job is done, we don’t stop there, we provide 30-days of Free support on any issue you may run into after delivery. We do encourage customers to take advantage of our low-cost monthly support. We offer managed support for everything we develop.

Google Play or Apple Store? Why Choose One When You Can Have Both.

Custom, high quality, professional Application Development to get you the capabilities you need. No gimmicks, just hassle free service with a smile.

From high availability E-commerce portals, to niche messaging mobile applications we can help bring your product to life. Once the job is done, we help with all the requirements to get you on both Google Play and Apple Store.


For free consultation call 1.888.766.1888.

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Custom projects start as low as $2,500

Content Development Services: Text, Images & Media

All original and Copyright protected. Rest assured you display quality content to match your quality web platform.

The Rooah! Content Development team give pages clear and succinct names; plan the architecture around the content and don’t write content to fit the architecture. We create auxiliary way-finding pages that lie beyond the main navigation. Then structure various landing pages according to specific user website traffic needs. We intentionally omit anything that can’t be explained as useful to someone. With the SEO content, we constantly think of the typical and targeted users called personas and imagine them navigating the website and what they would be looking for. We use a content hierarchy as a guide to ensure functionality and usability are considered equally. The team maps developed content to your company goals, as well as map content to the goals of your site user or customer.

Content Development - Dollar Domain Name Club

Let’s Get Started

Why you need to work with Rooah! Trust us, you won’t regret it. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our aim is to please on all fronts and ensure we translate our customer’s digital business vision into a reality. We look at every customer as a reflection of ourselves, so we never take short cuts and don’t mind going the extra mile to prove our customers their value to us. This bespoke website and mobile development service is tailor made to each individual customer. 

To get started, simply fill out our “Request A Quote Form“. Once received, we will contact you to schedule time for a free consultation meeting or call.

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