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Website Hosting Service

What is Website Hosting?

Per Wikipedia, website hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
In simple terms, consider a web hosting server as an online apartment building. Basically, web hosting provides room & board accommodations, address, communication, security and other amenities for your website. All Hosting services provided by Rooah! include 1yr domain name registration and business class email service. In addition, web hosting accounts are on a regular backup schedule. Rooah! hosting is a fast, secure and reliable service. Our Hosting service is backed by experts 24/7/365.
Web Hosting And Server Management
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Hosting Options

We offer 3 Web Hosting plans:

Website Hosting Service 1     Shared Hosting Plan

This is a shared hosting service for your  or digital project.

Website Hosting Service 2     Virtual Private Server

This plan offers dedicated hosting service. Its not shared with any other customer. We build a Virtual Service dedicated to your  or digital project.

Website Hosting Service 3     Private Cloud Environment

This plan provides an  environment or private cloud for your website or digital project. We leverage  Web Services (AWS) to build secure hosting environments.


Each website project starts with free consultation + Analysis +domain registration.

What is Server Management Services?

With Rooah! Server Hosting Management, we perform several tasks and services on servers in order to manage it and keep it securely up and running. This includes constant monitoring of the server and apps running on it. In addition, we check the server status, uptime, and monitor for any new or recurring issues. We provide a ticketing system and dedicated team to resolve customer issues and provide answers to any questions you the customer may have. We are available to provide assistance in scaling your business growth and not just providing resolutions to hosting problems.
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