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Website Management

So What’s Included…

The efficient generation, organization, sanitation, posting and deletion of content is a complex task that needs to be properly managed by competent personnel, and ultimately is the foundation of the efficacy of the website. All too often, wonderful websites are designed, launched and then neglected, leaving the website impotent and useless to users in search of current information.
Rooah! provides affordable help on every aspect of your website. From Security to text content updates. Whenever you need to modify or fix issues with your Website, Online store or Personal blog simply notify us and a support team member will quickly assist. Whether the issue is update or disruptive malware issues our experts are available to help. Our team of experts have several years of experience in PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Website Management


 Each plan comes with Free SEO Analysis & Malware Protection.

Website Management

How We Help…

Along with keeping your website updated and secure, we help review and revise your website content. We make sure it reflects what you want to communicate to your audience in a way that they can easily understand and request service.
Rooah! maintains the diverse media on your website to enhance the appeal and usefulness of your website. Media such as graphic images and photos, documents (usually PDFs), audio and video (i.e. embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted), RSS feeds, Twitter feed, manage Facebook api and more.

Website Management 1      repair may include the following:

fix issues, change theme style, modify page, repair or fix malware issues, change or add plugin, secure your website, scheduled backup of full  content, migrate website to new hosting server when required.

Website Management 2     We also…

install, maintain and update SSL certificates, add or change  content, manage SEO Optimization on all pages (product pages may require additional fee), update WordPress version, themes and plugins as needed.

Website Management & Support Importance

With Rooah! taking on website management for your business, we relieve you from having to constantly check your website for toxic links, malware, viruses and other cybersecurity threats.
According to a study done by Symantec, (maker of data security software like Norton Antivirus) 75 percent of legitimate websites have vulnerabilities that potentially expose them to malware and cybercriminals. It stated that new unique pieces of malware is up 36 percent year over year.
We offer affordable monthly website management plans that include website content management, website backups, repairs and website restoration in the event your website does get compromised.  Rooah! keeps your business website secure and thriving online.

Website Management Includes:

  • Website Hosting
  • Website Backup, Repair & Restore
  • Content Management
  • SEO Management
  • Data Analytics Management
  • Email service (free with Rooah! Hosting)
  • Live Web traffic tracking
  • Anti-virus & Malware Protection
  • SSL Certificate (encrypts website data and transactions)
Website Management