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What to Expect

What to Expect

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to take your business online and create the website that you have been thinking about. Now that you have taken the first step in becoming a player in the online universe, here is what you can expect from any of our SEO website development service.

  1. Speak directly with a Rooah! Website Project Manager so your website represents your brand.
  2. After finalizing your website preferences with you, we’ll start working on your website design and copy, sourcing images, setting up hosting and email accounts.
  3. All account information will be emailed to you for safe keeping. You will have immediate access to our support team via your Rooah! account. If you ever have an issue or request, simply log in and create a support ticket.
  4. At project completion, your project manager will schedule time with you for a “Website Reveal” call.
  5. During the reveal you can provide feedback on the completed work. If anything is a bit off for you, no sweat simply let your Project Manager know and the team will take care of the correction or change quickly. Once you are happy, we go Live!
  6. Once live, you will receive at least 30 days of free website management and support. Request unlimited updates or adjustments to your website as needed during this period.
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  • Domain Name: We start with registering a domain name for you based on availability. Your domain name is the online name that browsers will use to distinguish you from other websites. Think of it as your www dot “name” dot com. Based on your top three in order of preference, we will select the first that is available. In the unlikely instance that your top three preferred domain names are taken, we will continue to search until we find a free domain name for you. Registering a domain name does not create a website. It’s simply an online name, like registering a business name in the physical world; having that business name does not mean that you also have the store front to go with it.
  • Website Hosting: We will connect your selected domain name to a web hosting server which will connect your soon to be developed SEO website to the Internet. By placing your website on a web hosting server, the world will be able to reach your website by entering it’s domain name in any web browser. Hosting also provides your website with search engine visibility.
  • Email Account Setup: Depending on whether you host with us, we will set up an email accounts for you tied to your website and domain name. This email service is free with Rooah! hosting and will allow you to create unlimited accounts and send emails with your website domain name associated to it. This gives you an additional level of professionalism and great for your business brand. Instead of having to send business emails using Yahoo or Gmail accounts, you can send and receive emails on your own email service creating legitimacy in the eyes of the recipient.
  • Website Development: Once we have finalized your domain name registration and web hosting service, the next milestone will be developing your website. We start with a website design based on your preference (we will provide you with some options), configure all settings and ensure all text and multimedia content are properly placed. Our content developers will implement basic search engine optimization (SEO) to help you get recognized by search engines such as Google and Bing. Your website will have a content and SEO management system to help you easily manage your website. Access your website pages simply by logging into the website admin panel. Each website page is scanned and evaluated by the SEO management tool which also provides easy to follow instructions for improving page SEO.

Your SEO Website goes Live!

Completion and Support Handover: At this point, your SEO website has been registered and fully developed based on initial scope of work. We will review the website fully with you. Some changes may be required. After these corrections or edits are approved the website will go live. It will be available to be viewed by anyone around the world that knows your website address (domain name). However, it won’t be found on search engines immediately. It will take search engines some time to crawl (find) and index your website on to their search platform. To speed the process, we will submit your domain name to the top search engines requesting them to crawl and index. We will let them know keywords to match with your website. We will at this point officially hand over the website to you and give you the opportunity (30 days free support) to make any contextual or structural amendments to the website that you see fit. This grace period to make modifications and adjustments to the site will last for four weeks starting from the day of development completion.